Save Time

Mytasca is the only resource for institutional, demographic and career center information.

Mytasca is a centralized website to help connect and facilitate conversations between employers and universities.

To recruiters, Mytasca, recruiting, without the research burdens.

Research burdens such as school selection and the hours it takes to find the demographic data on the student body makeup.

Or sifting through all the university websites for the career center links and sections to find out who to talk to about your recruitment needs and what opportunities are available to recruit on each campus.

Mytasca is the only website to marry government IPEDS data to the career center on virtually every campus in the United States. Users of Mytasca have reported a 40-70% time savings over any other school search and selection service out there. Use that extra time to focus on recruiting and building relationships rather than being stuck in research burdens.

Search in seconds to find your information. Mytasca was built knowing that recruiters are truly relationship developers who are focused on hiring the best people for the positions employers need to fill. And that takes time. Spend more time connecting with the right people and less time with the research burdens


Statistics show that university recruiters turn over every two years. Two years! Keep the notes and contact names in one place for your whole recruitment team to access.

Centralize your information with Mytasca. There’s no need to have the stress of trying to find each team member's contact information at your target schools. Get rid of that burden.

Most companies big and small keep their recruitment plans and results in many different resources. Mytasca is designed to make reporting and updating easy by keeping the information in one place that is always available - on your laptop, PC, iPad, or smartphone.

Be Objective

Ever feel like you are making decisions about where to recruit students based on subjective information?

Many recruiters have told us that they recruit at schools they know don't work but cannot tell the stakeholder that his or her alma mater is a bad choice. Or they emotionally decide which schools to recruit from based on outside source school rankings. It feels like they are throwing darts and missing the right institutions. Make more objective decisions by using the demographic statistics on every institution. See the gender, ethnicity, degree, and discipline breakouts for every campus in the United States.

To learn more or to receive a free demo, click here. We'd love to help you eliminate the research burdens so you can spend more time recruiting. You recruiting without the research burdens.

"In an area where there doesn’t seem to be any robust, one-stop solutions, the Mytasca school search and selection tool is as advanced as we have seen for analyzing graduation data. Mytasca is much faster and easier than anything else that we have attempted to build internally or use off the shelf. Plus, there is an added ease of use of having all of the career centers' information in one place. We look forward to using Mytasca!"   – University Relations Manager, Fortune 50 company

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