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Using Links in Job Postings

College students typically skip the employer’s website career pages and go directly to the job postings. How should your company engage students in answering the “why” they should work with you? Here’s how...

7 Steps To Better Internship Programs

OmniUpdate was won the Ventura County’s Workforce Investment Board Youth Opportunity Award. They used 7 steps key steps to help them build their internship program. See all 7 here.

What's Wrong with College Recruiting?

A recent article on ERE Media regarding Identifying your University Recruiting Program Features including a list of 10 components which require upgrading.

The Reality of an 18 Year Old

Beloit College has put together a list of what the incoming college freshmen class (mainly those born in 1997). This is a humble list for those who aren't 18.

3 Tips to the Selection Process

Jeff Pelletier from Becoming Great shares his insight on the Selection Process and the importance of the recruiter.

Top 5 Recruiter Relationships on Campus

For recruiters, developing key relationships on campus can be the most resourceful tool for long term success. Here is a list of the top 5 recruiter relationships on campus.

Bridging the Recruitment Gap

Many times when we talk with employers about recruiting college students the campaign typically includes a gaps in their brand development a couple or few times per year - summer and winter break and potentially one of the semesters depending on their budgets and typical recruitment schedule.