A smarter, more efficient approach to recruiting college students.

Campus recruiters spend many hours researching each institution they target.

Companies spend a ridiculous amount of time researching the campuses they recruit from. Endless searching and time spent organizing data for your team means lost productivity.

Here's how Mytasca saves you time and money...

Smart, comprehensive and standardized data

Mytasca standardizes IPEDS data from every 2-year and 4-year institution in the country, giving you breakouts by institution, total enrollment breakouts by gender, ethnicity, degree, discipline, enrollment, state, and radius for every college and university, nationwide.

By having easy access to the information you need, you can eliminate emotional reactions and make objective, insight-based recruiting decisions.

Custom searching

Pinpoint your ideal recruiting communities with the click of a button. Mytasca's customized search capabilities allow you to filter, rank and refine your search.



by institution, discipline, degree, state or zip code



by geography, institution and degree



by the number of students, diversity or gender

Direct connections

Mytasca was built knowing that campus recruiting is about fostering relationship, not researching. Which is why we link you directly to key contacts at over 4,000 institutions throughout the country, including career centers, diversity, disability, LGBT and veteran affairs department contacts.

So you can stop wasting hours hunting down information, and start making connections immediately.

Mytasca also gives you an up-to-date look at future campus events, allowing you to coordinate your recruiting efforts more efficiently and effectively.

"Mytasca is a great tool for employers who want to improve their school selection process. I encourage my clients to broaden their search for schools by matching specific criteria such as the number of students in a specific degree or diversity needs. Since Mytasca also has the career center information included, it'll save hours of research. It'll truly help get the needed data, quickly and painlessly."
- Jeff Goodman, Campus Strategic Partners, LLC

Centralized data storage

University recruiting positions typically turn over every two years. With Mytasca's centralized storage and sharing capabilities, you preserve valuable information and allow any member of your team to be up and running in minutes.

Save  your favorite institutions and events
Build  your teams key campus contact list
View  your team's notes from previous years

Custom report building


Mytasca allows you to easily export institution data; building custom reports to help support your recruiting recommendations.

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